Ephesians 4:12  For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:
X126   Acts
V575   *Anointed Preaching
A810   Apostolic Church Planting
A811   Apostolic Church Networking
A821   Apostolic Strategies Affecting Nations
M950   Banners
T602   Basic Teaching Principles
V510   Be a People Person
S301   Benefits of Speaking in Tongues
M904   Bible & Music
CC101 Bible Study
V450 The Blessing
X180   The Blood Covenant
I755    Breaking Strongholds
C453   *Breakthrough Lay Counseling Ė Module One
C454   *Breakthrough Lay Counseling Ė Module Two
C455   *Breakthrough Lay Counseling Ė Module Three
C456   *Breakthrough Lay Counseling Ė Module Four
C457   *Breakthrough Lay Counseling Ė Module Five
C458   *Breakthrough Lay Counseling Ė Module Six
C459   *Breakthrough Lay Counseling Ė Module Seven
M902   Bring Me A Minstrel
F416    Brotherís - A Call to Vital Relationships
B711   Business by the Book
V502   Cells - Small Groups
V408   Christian Caregiving
C403   Christian Counseling 1
C404   Christian Counseling 2
P306   Christian Dream Interpretation
X112   Christian Living
V591   Church Administrator
A822   Churchquake!
I753    Churches That Pray
B720   CIBN Ė Business
B721   CIBN Vision for the Saints
V803   Complete Evangelism
S801   Contagious Christian
V128   I and II Corinthians
V405   Counseling Helps
F421   Dare to Discipline
M903  Davidís Tabernacle
W419  Deborah
HW420 Defining Role of Women
C407   Deliverance and Inner Healing
V511   Developing the Leader Within
V512   Developing the Leader Around You
X111   Digesting the Proverbs
C461   DISC Personalities
V504   Discovery
B702   Doing Business Godís Way

(Alphabetical Order)
CC200 The Eagle Life
L592   Effective Church Finances
S503    *Effective Speaking
V130   Ephesians and Colossians
V105   Experiencing God
V815   The Eternal Church
V182   The Feasts of Israel
V572   Financial Planning
M910  Flowing in the Holy Spirit
CC100 Foundations for Christian Living
CC410 Friendship Factor
CC201 The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
M905  Fundamentals of Music 1
V906   Fundamentals of Music 2
V129   Galatians and Philippians
V133   General Epistles
A820   The Gift of Apostle
V303   Gifts of the Spirit
F414   Godís Call to the Single Adult
X125   The Gospel of John
I752    Healing Americaís Wounds
CC452  *Healing the Broken Hearted
CC302  Hearing Godís Voice
V132   Hebrews
V411   Help! Iím a Parent
HL590 Helps Ministry
PX300  Holy Spirit
I759    Informed Intercession
LX151 Interpreting the Scriptures
V115   Isaiah
CC307 Jesus Loves Me
L520 Jesus on Leadership
M911  Joyful Sound
F422   Key to Your Childís Heart
T610   Kids in Combat
B704   Kingdom Agenda
V756   The Last of the Giants
T606   Learning Styles
L517   Leadership is an Art
V509   Life Giving Church
S506   Life Groups
E802   Lifestyle Evangelism
L505   The Local Church
V521   Local Church Constitution
V500   The Making of a Leader
F412   Marriage Preparation
S605   Mentoring
M915  Ministering Arts
CC304 *Ministering Spiritual Gifts
B710   Ministry in the Marketplace
M908  Music and Arts
X160   Mysteries of God
CC107 New Testament Survey
X102   Old Testament Survey 1
X103   Old Testament Survey 2
CC745 One Thing
V209   The Overcoming Life
V131   Pastoral Epistles
V501   Pastoral Ministries
V210   People of Destiny
S401   Personal Ministry
V406   Physical Healing
S750   Possessing the Gates of Our Enemy
EA808 Power Evangelism
EI760  Prayer and Fasting
S758   Prayer Shield
V920   Prophetic Dance Ministry
V762   Prophetic Intercession
V330   Prophetic Movement
P340   *Prophetic Team - Presbytery
S901   Prophetic Worship
V110   Psalms
L508   Purpose Driven Churches
E804   The Ready Defense
P305   Releasing the Prophetic Word
CC451 Restoring Foundations
V134   Revelation
X127   Romans
CC205 The Search for Significance
S807   Servant Evangelism
S703   Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
T607   Seven Laws of Learner
V140   Song of Solomon
C460   Speaking of Love
X124   Synoptic Gospels
V181   Tabernacle of Moses
I751    Taking Our Cities For God
T608   Teaching to Change Lives
V183   Temple of Solomon
I757    That None Should Perish
CC207 The Ten Mís-Growing the Person
S507   Twenty One Laws of Leadership
V516   The Vanguard Leader
M909  Warfare Praise
I754    Warfare Prayer
I761    Watch of the Lord
F415   What Makes a Man?
WF417 Woman, Thou Art Loosed
W418  Women of Destiny
M907  Worship Leading
V970   Worshiping with Sign Language
V622   Youth Ministries
A = Apostles Major
B = Business Major
C = Counseling Ė Discipling Major
CC = Core Course
E = Evangelism Outreach Major
F = Family Life Major
H = Helps Ministry Major
I = Intercession Major
L = Leadership Development Major
M = Minstrel Major
P = Prophetic Major
S = Applies to several majors
T = Teachers Major
V = Electives
W = Women in Ministry Major
X = Expository Bible Study Major

100ís = Bible Study Courses
200ís = Character Building Courses
300 = Holy Spirit Courses
400ís = Relationship Courses
500ís = Leadership Courses
600ís = Teaching Courses
700ís = Business / Prayer Courses
800ís = Apostolic / Evangelism Courses
900ís = Minstrel / Arts Courses

* = Non Distance Learning course
Abbrevaiation Key