Kingdom Empowerment
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Kingdom Apostolic Network
Prayer of the Month
     10:00 AM.....Morning  Worship
       4:30 PM.....Educational Classes

  7:00 PM....Family Bible Hour

       12 Noon...Intercessory Prayer
Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries
GFEC is affiliated with KFCM which is based in Baltimore, MD.
Bishop Ralph L. Dennis is the the Presiding Prelate of Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries, Inc.
KFCM a synergistic fellowship of Christian churches, ministries, and businesses that recognize the need for networking, accountability, fellowship, resources and apostolic covering
Prophet Jim and Apostle Judy Stevens
The Stevens travel nationally and internationally as conference speakers and prophetically minister the heart of God. They have served as apostolic prophets in many churches to help establish and strengthen them. They have been used to raise up prophetic teams in churches and are regarded by many as a father and a mother in the kingdom.
GFM Enrichment Center is to provide culturally sensitive mental health and support services, stimulate healthy family growth, promote educational success and encourage the spiritual development of individuals and families throughout Southwest Michigan.
GFM Enrichment Center